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Agile Scrum

At 7 Strategy Group (7SG) Agile scrum strategies are used for all teams. 7SG believes in cross-functional teams and communication to achieve efficiencies in all organization vocations. Our scrum process begins with the industry standard Scrum framework, but is tailored to the customer like all of our other services. The uniqueness of 7SG's Agile strategy is that it is integrated into all of our processes and into our DevSecOps implementation for SDLC. All work and requirements are part of the backlog, use sprint planning, backlog grooming, scrum of scrums, standups and implementation of cross-functional reporting and evaluation of changes using our change management process flows.

In todays' market, with the move to all digital, remote access, and completely online platforms change is constant.  Agile and DevSecOps together bring the flexibility to meet an ever changing iterative and incremental environment. It encourages frequent, ongoing communication with the customer, enabling rapid response to new priorities. This is where 7SG excels all of our strategies, plans, and services are customized to provide maximum customer business and mission-driven success.


7SG's strategy integrated with DevSecOps, project management, cyber security, and risk management processes drives efficiencies in cost savings, time-to-market, and productivity.

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