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Cyber Security Services

As Cyber Security has become one of the most important engineering fields due to the  growing threats in the world.  7 Strategy Group (7SG)'s  approach to Cyber Security is to build governance, defense-in-depth, continuous strategies that start with the foundation of architecture.  Our strategy to Cyber Security is integrating cyber requirements into the DevSecOps and Agile processes ensuring continuous assessments and integration along the entire system development lifecycle. 


7SG's Cyber Security strategies are customer-focused to provide risk-based, streamlined assessments and evaluations.  Our risk-based, DevSecOps, Continuous ATO strategic approach is customized for each industry partner ensuring budget, timeline meet customer strategic and tactical plans.  

Services 7SG provides are 

  • Cyber Security Posture Assessments

  • Architecture evaluation and recommendations

  • Compliance and authorization package development: NIST, ISO, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CMMC, FSO FCL (Technical and IT) 

  • Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management, Software Assurance Scanning

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Virtual Services: vCISO, vFSO, vIT, vCMMC

Assessments, Compliance, & Continuous ATO

7SG has a unique strategy to assessments, compliance, and continuous authority to operate (ATO).  7SG's cross-functional team integration creates an environment where team collaboration using Agile, Risk Management, DevSecOps, and key architectural and/or cloud solutions that provide defense-in-depth, automated, continuous ATO assessments. 


Another unique strategy that allows the 7SG team to streamline compliance processes, consists of managing security requirements in the agile process backlog.


7SG services begin with the data, architecture, and system engineering security reviews, followed by control/assessment procedure technical testing, STIG testing, scanning and reporting, security program development, and endpoint security services.  All of these concepts and strategies together provide a streamlined strategy for our Risk Management solutions.


In today’s Cybersecurity environment recruiting and retaining Cybersecurity talent is a challenge. Each of the industries 7SG supports, continually have changing requirements to ensure compliance and continuous monitoring. DoD is now requiring CMMC compliance evaluations, COVID has transitioned our teams remote work and digital services for every industry, more and more organizations are turning to AI, and the financial industry is transitioning to support bitcoin concepts.  


Having a full-time cyber security team on staff may not be financially suitable for many companies.  Therefore 7SG provides Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services.  Our services are designed to provide guidance, strategies, support for certifications like: CMMC, DoD cyber requirements, DFARS 800-171, ISO 27001, HIPAA/HITECH/PCI DSS and more.


7SG's services eliminates the administrative overhead of hiring, training, maintaining, and backfilling permanent staff members. Our vCISO position supports our customers on an advisor for a part-time or full-time staff augmentation engagement.  A custom strategic and tactical plan is developed for each customer to ensure only the services and budget needed are provided.

Incident Response & Continuity of Operations

7SG's Incident Response Team uses an organized approach to address and manage security incidents. Our risk-based approach follows the standard incident Response process to limit damage and reduce recovery time and cost, while working to include process improvement, root cause analysis, and solution innovation through feedback.

7SG cross-functional teams have worked with many organizations and developed a proactive strategy to assess, define, and prepare for a variety of incidents.  A solid incident response program ensures your organization has the right technologies, people, and processes in place to respond to an incident in an efficient and effective manner.

vFSO, vIT and vCMMC support

7SG provides Facility Security Officer (FSO) services for achieving compliance for DoD and Civil government security requirements.  We provide virtual services for clearance processing, facility clearance processing, corporate IT infrastructure deployment and ISSM evaluations for classified systems, and implementation of the new certification CMMC.   


Looking for support for your company FSO, CISO or Security Manager, our team can help guide you through or implement technical changes to ensure compliance to keep your ability to win government business.

Cyber Security Training

The 7SG combines real-world experience into mentoring and training experiences leaving the student allowing the student to progress to expert. The COE curriculum is serving a broad range of disciplines ensuring effective Talent management:

  • Cyber security architecture fundamentals

  • Compliance, Assessment and Auditor roles

  • C-Level organization cyber awareness

  • Implementation and training for ISO 27001, CMMC, NIST 800-171 

  • Cyber Security Awareness, Acceptable Use, and Insider Threat training 

  • HIPAA/HITECH, Breach, Omnibus

  • Role-based sponsorship for specific partners and technologies

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