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Risk Management

Multiple studies have found that people overestimate their ability to influence events that, in fact, are heavily determined by chance. With that in mind Risk management can be a function that is over looked or misread thereby leading to wholes in both Strategic and tactical strategies. Additionally, internal biases both individual and organizational can lead to overlooking or misreading threats tolerate minor failures and defects and treat early warning signals as false alarms rather than alerts to imminent danger. 

At 7SG Risks are a key component of strategy planning.  Our approach to risk combined with agile, change management, DevSecOps and cyber security provides a complete set of strategies that support the customer-focused challenges. Our team conducts Risk Review board with key stakeholders. Leadership challenges and scenario strategies are also concepts used for testing and evaluation of the qualitative risk approach. 

7SG's strategy integrated with DevSecOps, project management, cyber security, and risk management processes drives efficiencies in cost savings, time-to-market, and productivity.

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