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Cloud Architecture Strategies

7Strategy Group (7SG) delivers industry-leading multi-cloud and hybrid architecture solutions. The customer-focused, tailored strategies employed at 7SG leverage best-in-class commercial, FedRAMP, DISA, ISO 27001, secure, automated, technologies and certifications that align with customers business strategies and risk constraints.

To that point, 7Strategy Group strives to support the growing need to rapidly modernize and transform every industries capabilities and services to be secure, digital, online, remote-capable infrastructures. Our customers have challenges to:

  • Securely move and manage IT services from data centers and in-house infrastructures with large amounts of data to an online cloud presence with one-time transition costs, and productivity increases

  • Modernize their offerings to meet telework, faster-pace, digital, online demands

  • Organize and compartmentalize data categories to ensure effective business analytics and processing to streamline their offerings 

  • Improving their levels of services by bring more options, user-friendly, digital solutions to their customers

  • Ensure baked-in and continuous Authority to Operate (ATO)

  • Baked-in Cybersecurity Services (CSSP) baked-in

  • Single Sign On

  • Zero Trust model

  • Pay per use scalable models

  • Instantiation of DevSecOps


7Strategy Group brings innovation, continuous process improvement, governance, DevSecOps, risk management, continuous ATO and agile processes and concepts into our strategies to solve the above business  challenges. We bring customized cloud architecture solutions that meets the business needs and requirements for our customers industries. ​

Cloud aaS Strategies

Many of the industries we support have started to move to the cloud, yet according to statistics these industries are not prepared for an "aaS" economy.  In order to ensure the right aaS solutions are used, we at 7Strategy Group believe that it is imperative to have the right business strategies in place to use the aaS solution to their full capabilities. Our strategies provide focus in key areas: accessibility, security, streamlined cost, scalability and infinite life span.  When we meet with our customers our goal is to build a partnership that helps us bring their business needs to life and give them a refreshed approach that will increase their customer satisfaction. 

7Strategy Group provides as-a-service (aaS) cloud architecture solution integration. aaS’ refers to an increasing number of services that are delivered over the internet rather than provided locally, or, onsite. (e.g. Infrastructure, Platform, Software, Identity and Access Management, Integration) these internet-delivered services are providing companies the ability to customize their computing environments and design the strategies they desire, on-demand.

For the industries we support their customers need the ability to log into any linked devices from anywhere, still be able to see all of their data, and have the same user experience. Providing complete strategies that look at the big picture, with the end user in mind, is what our team strives to provide with our aaS solutions.

These strategies and solutions paired with the processes employed in our cross-functional teams give us the ability to innovate and integrate quickly, meet/exceed our industry customers’ needs and ultimately, stay competitive.

Cloud Migration 

So you want to move to cloud!  What is it and why are we moving, what does 7Strategy Group bring to the table that sets us apart from the rest. 7SG develops strategies for Cloud migration that include tools, concepts and best-in-practice processes to deploy strategic and tactical solutions that will bring you to the next level in the digital age. Our customer-focused, tailored strategies look to use some of the following:

  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) or Cloud Data Integration tools are used when possible to streamline moves to SaaS provider environments like CRM, ERP, HCM, etc.  Our strategies look for real-time integration, abilities to perform data profiling, cleansing and deduplication just to name a few

  • 7SG uses Assess/Transform/Evaluate(ATE) processes for transformation and loading

    • Assess - data requirements, user stories, build a data dictionary, categorize and perform an audit, assess security requirements for storing, processing, transitioning, and handling - each industry has their own requirements and is key to ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of the data

    • Transform - perform clean up of any data, resolution of conflict/deduplication, remapping, protection level changes, structural changes, conversion methods, and deployment of the data to the new location, perform the conversions 

    • Evaluate - install, monitor, governance - maintain CIA and data quality, apply governance tracking and reporting to maintain the data quality and security


7S​G strategies for our industry customers takes a customer-focused approach to ensure customer strategies are applied for best implementation of business requirements, funding, and schedule.

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