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Digital Transformation

Inventory Management & Provisioning

7Strategy Group (7SG) uses industry standard processes and tools for Inventory Management, ensuring operational continuity with full visibility into the IT & non-IT assets in stock or in use. Be it contracts, hardware, software, and other configuration items, this information is evaluated for their value, and planned purchases to design resource management strategies in concentration 7SG's other services like DevSecOps, Agile, and enterprise architecture decisions with with up-to-date information of all assets.


Telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled medical devices, and blockchain electronic health records are all technologies emerging that have been implemented within roughly 7% of the healthcare industry.  There are still so many more efforts that can be made to provide digital transformation.  

At 7SG, we believe in providing strategies that provide the innovation needed to move to that into increased service levels. 


7SG looks to further innovate with strategies that enhance both patient/doctor experiences. This is accomplished  through secure, implementation, and integration of  virtual tools, wearable medical devices, cloud solutions, EMR, etc. 


Our mission is to provide patients and doctors collect, correlate, and process more data, while increasing workflows and the ability for doctors to perform enhanced investigations to solve difficult health issues like COVID-19. 


A CMDB can be the most useful repository for maintaining information, but only if the right data a, strategy and plan are in place to management maintain a complete asset repository. 7SG works with our customers to build a strategy to provide in-depth visibility into how assets are connected to each other, easily identify critical assets and analyze the impact of incidents and changes.With today’s huge volumes of frequently-changing data, discovery and monitoring have become increasingly challenging. Auto-populate and maintain your CMDB with the real-time, contextualized data captures from your monitored environment. Use the derived insights to drive automation. Using automation can help: 

  • Achieve real-time CMDB Accuracy

  • Reduce incident noise & improve staff workflows

  • Automate incident creation/ITSM processes to reduce MTTR

7SG 's strategies help to reduce cost, resolve duplication errors, maintain 

accurate resource lists and ensure effective solutions are in place.

Financial Digital Transformation

7Strategy Group builds strategic and tactical solutions with the future of financial digital transformation in mind, which includes business requirements for touches automation, blockchain encryption, cloud-based, automation, and behavioral features for that streamline the interactive, user-friendly, intuitive functionality and more based on customer requirements.


Automation solutions can provide real-time data and trending, reduce current data-processing limitations and essentially changing to meet the ever-demanding need to have no closing of financial cycles, with actuals and financials available in real-time.


Our solutions also work to resolve new challenges for all this data by working big data solutions and organization and evaluation.  Additionally with the changes in the digital transformation, the need to perform DevSecOps, cross-functional teams will be key to strategic and tactical solutions across platforms like Healthcare, financial, applications, services, cloud, etc.  All of these will become more and more integrated. 


7Strategy Group supports all customers in their efforts to build automated solutions that can provide support for all resource management.


7SG provides strategies that not only manage and track assets in a web-based data-driven solutions from anywhere, through all phases (procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal), but provides enhanced solutions that provide the resource planning for strategic long-term planning and short-term tactical planning. 


7SG works to implement solutions that perform automated discovery, tracking, scanning, mapping and vulnerability management of all assets.  Using automation for asset discovery efficiently informs you about the assets that are installed, retired, their license status and more information to deliver you the overall position of your business network. This not only brings about streamlined maintenance, but overall optimization of resources, which in turn provide more precise planning, DevSecOps, and security assessments.

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